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May 31, 2010

Oh Barbie My Dear

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A new Barbie from the “Back to Basics” collection is not sitting well with parents. Barbie’s physique has always caused many problems before but none of them have seen to be so obvious as this one.

The doll not only wears a low cut top, but has an impressive set of Knockers on her.

One parent raged:

“I don’t want [my daughter] to think she has to be this, you know, busty Barbie who’s constantly wearing heels and these low-cut shirts. And that’s really the image I think a doll that you’re going to buy for a child is portraying.”

Another mother added she doesn’t “want my baby growing up to think Heidi(Montang) is her role model”.

While parents continue to kick and scream about model #10, Mattel hasn’t addressed the complaints.

What do U think about the busty Barbie? Inappropriate or no big deal???

~Peace and love GingerLily♥

May 20, 2010

Iconic Fashion Revolution

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In a recent online poll, Geri Halliwells Union Jack mini-dress was voted the most iconic dress in the past 50 years.

Geri, or Ginger Spice, wore the itsy-bitsy piece of cloth all the way back in 1997 while performing with the Spice Girlsat the Brit Awards.

Inneresting choice.

Here’s a look a who else made the top 10 list:

1. Geri Halliwell – Union Jack dress – 82%

2. Lize Hurley – Versace safety pin dress – 79%

3. Marilyn Monroe – White dress – 74%

4. Audrey Hepburn– Black dress and pearls in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – 67%

5. Lady GaGa – White outfit and wig worn to the Brit Awards – 63%

6. Diana, Princess of Wales – Wedding dress designed by The Emanuel’s – 58%

7. Kylie Mologue– Gold hot pants – 56%

8. Jeniffer Lopez- Sheer green Versace dress worn to the Grammys – 53%

9. Bjork – Swan dress worn to the Oscars – 49%

10. Cindy Crawford: Red Versace dress worn to the Oscars – 44%

Its crazy how fashion can have such a huge impact in our culture for generations and generations.

~Peace and love GingerLily♥

May 16, 2010

Save The Pink Support

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Coco Perez- I love, and its exactly where I discovered this shocking story. Turns out Ryan Stevens the principle at Washington’s Klahowya Secondary School principal, has banned students from wearing breast cancer bracelets that say ” I love Boobies. Keep-A-Breast”.

Stevens said the ban was a combination of students making inappropriate gestures and his breast cancer surviving staff members saying they were offensive.

Now the bracelets must be turned inside out or not worn at all.

One student believes the ban is a violation of their freedom of speech, saying “It’s a good cause and we’re not allowed to stand up for it”.

Pretty controversial , especially when it’s simply a bracelet that supports fighting breast cancer.

~Peace and love GingerLily♥

May 6, 2010

Sex In The City 2 :)

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Yes! Yes! Yes!!! 😀 Sex in the City 2 is almost here and I’m pretty sure I speak for the whole female population when i state , and quote, “It’s going to be awesome !!” It’s truly a great show and the first movie was great to so I’ve greatly anticipated the sequel which will be out and released May 27 , just a feel weeks away.

As for the advertising I believe its all flawless and hot. It is very appealing and eye grabbing which is one of the reasons why I believe a lot of chicks are going to cash in on the opening weekend. Yesterday in class was quite a different story though, we focused on how extremely photoshopped all the actresses had been in order to help make this ad look flawless. Turns out most of the ladies their age do not look like them which seem to appear extremely young and thin in the poster.

PS: im  watching the trailer right now and its so fab :),-

Back to the point a few plastic surgery and a bit of photoshopping can always do the job, though its something that I don’t really mind like many other people might because of the fact that I know that this is all just a part of the advertising and media world to look great and flawless no matter what and that all that of course is nothing but an extremely fashionable and edgy fantasy land 🙂

~Peace and love GingerLily♥

April 29, 2010

Where people go to shop for Love…..

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After checking my e-mail a couple of minutes ago I discovered a very interesting article on yahoo. The article is about an ancient pharmacy from the Soviet state of Estonia a small capital on the Baltic Sea, that sells love potions!!! 😀 The whole idea sounded pretty exciting and whimsical so I checked it out turns the pharmacy has been selling the so called love potions for over 500 years and it is believed to be one of Europe’s oldest running pharmacies. The lucky journalists shared her story about her visit :

My guide, local historian Juri Kuuskemaa, told me the place opened in 1422 and may well be Europe’s longest continuously operating pharmacy. Legend has it that in the 18th century, a former owner, Dr. Johann Burchart V, nearly saved a Russian czar.

“When Peter the Great, Russian emperor, was dying and nobody could help him, he called Johann V,” Kuuskemaa said.

the journalists continues by stating:

“You can go to pharmacy and buy special materials, so-called aphrodisiacom, and when you give to her or her, it is fate. Both could do nothing against it. And lady would love you to the end of their lives,” Kuuskemaa explained.

But that’s not all. “When you have two or three wives, for example, and you see one is happy but two are unhappy, you can buy here special materials to give to these two unhappies and they forget you, and they could find happiness with another man, not with you,” Kuuskemaa said. “So it stops the love. It is an anti-aphrodisiacom, yeah. So love could be regulated with drugs.”

On display inside, readily available, was the pharmacy’s famous anti-aphrodisiac. Each individually wrapped piece of candy is packed with the secret ingredient: almond powder. People struck by love use it to cure themselves.

Weird to say the article also illustrates how Hillary Clinton visited after she was stuck in the country due to the volcanic ash. The whole pharmacy sounds awesome and visiting it is definitely on my Places to Visit Before You Die List :).

~Peace and love GingerLily♥

April 24, 2010

bully n. , pl. , -lies . A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.

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Bullying has always been a terrible problem that many people have had to deal with in our society and lately I have noticed the huge news coverage that bullying scenarios have had in the media. I mean like real life bullying cases not just acted out ones that have been portrayed to the public for years.

Many of these bullying cases have been extremely sad ones that have had very tragic endings. The latest one I read was in an article of the new People Magazine cover in which a girl named Phoebe Prince as bullied to death. Phoebe Prince was just a normal teenage american high school student at South Hadley High where she lived a pretty happy life until she started to get constantly bullied by a gang of her high school school mates Ashley Longe, Sean Mulveyhill, Austin Renaud, and Kayla Narey. She was so brutality tormented that the fact that school officials never even intervened is upsetting.

Now the bullies that for months made her go through hell are being charged and judged for the crime. Many people are still a bit eery about considering bullying a crime and giving each of these individuals a trail on whether or not they where responsible for this sad life scenario. Which in my opinion will have to be a scenario that many will be apprehensive about for a very long time

~Peace and love GingerLily♥

April 10, 2010

.Just don’t get it.

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After watching many funny shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and According to Jim, and many many more, I have noticed a sudden trend in all of them. It appears to me that in most of this shows there is something very odd.

The reason why I believe this is because a) all the husbands ( main males ) in these shows are lazy, fat, and not very attractive and b) all the wives ( main females) in these shows are skinny, pretty, and smart. So why do I believe their might be something unfair about this? well its fairly simple really because in my point of view  its wrong to make the men in this shows so fat, lazy and unattractive and make the wives very skinny beautiful in smart because televisions shows make a huge impact in our lives and portraying life scenarios and images like this is wrong because then this ideas might start to make many men in real life believe that being a fat lazy and unattractive husband is ok and that their wives must be skinny smart and beautiful.

This shows have a more negative impact on women to. Think about it not all women are skinny, beautiful, and smart and most women that are do not end up marrying a fat man, which in the end really makes it acceptable = for a man to be fat lazy and unattractive but not right for a woman to even dare be fat lazy unattractive and may God forbid all of this at the same time, because NOO, all of us must be beautiful skinny and smart and to make matters worst still end up with a fat unattractive un-witty  man which in my mind makes me believe that most of these shows are written by men to portray what many men will agree is the right way to live.

In my idea this whole perspective is  wrong because I’m not going to lie all women want to be beautiful smart and skinny all the time but sometimes this can really cause a huge problem because none of us are perfect so this shows end up putting a lot of  pressure against women when they portray the image of a good wife the way they do many times in TV.

~Peace and love GingerLily♥

April 2, 2010

Funny, Silly, Cute

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The fact that when news coverage first started all the news was so hardcore, celebrity scandals, and cute funny kiddy videos were never really considered actual news the only things that were shown were what the media people believed was actually worth considering real news such as politics, murders, felons, accidents, etc.. But now in days, such cute little silly news that many people back then would never even imagine to show in the news therefore never dare to ever consider it news like this video ☝ is the kind of news that sells and gets attention the best in modern times.

After discussing much on this topic in my past Communications 1 class I have been paying constant attention to the whole phenomena.  As I was checking my e-mail today I noticed the news headlines and found this video on the top of the list. Though I believe the video is super cute and funny and don’t really mind if it’s considered real news or not ( its entertaining 🙂 ), I’m afraid that many people are upset with the fact that stories like this are considered real news since apart from being posted in yahoo I discovered it was also featured as morning news on the Today Show.

Though we all must admit that the video is definitely cute and filled with cute innocence that is really entertaining, we must again ask ourselves should celebrity scandals and stories like this really be considered real news???

~Peace and love GingerLily♥

March 29, 2010

Disney I ♡

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Like many other people in the world I heart Disney :).

The fact that Disney has done such a great job marketing itself well in the media and in so many other areas makes this corporation such a big success.

Not only does Disney own a bunch a theme parks such as Disneyland ( lovesit ), Disney World, etc., have its own cruise line, its own private island and millions of other theme parks around the world, but it also plays a huge part in todays media.

Disney owns its own set of channels such as The Disney Channel, ABC, ESPN which all help promote and show its own set of programming and advertise its own ads ( with huge control ) to promote their new movies, new merchandise and new Disney park promotions. Their movies are also very good and because of the fact that the Disney Corporation also owns a lot Disney Stores around the world, the stores a able to sell merchandise inspired by the movie such as stuffed animals, costumes, watches, clothes etc., and end up making a huge profit out of it.

The fact that Disney has done such a great job in marketing itself is one of the top reasons why they have had such huge success.

The Disney parks are awesome and even though I have not visited them all, ( the only one I’ve been to is Disneyland but I’m soo ready to go to all theres a lot more around the world ), I would love to have the opportunity to do so.

~Peace and love GingerLily♥

March 20, 2010

The Golden Arches, Not Lovin’ it

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After recently noticing all the heavy advertising that many fast food chains use in order to promote their new products I have discovered just how uncomfortable this really makes me feel. The fact that their are ads for multiple fast food chains such as  McDonald’s new advertisements for its affordable new mini meals almost everywhere I turn to look in the city makes me feel worried. The fact that this products are advertised so nicely and clean as if as though nothing is wrong is not right because in reality all they are really made out of is pure fat and sugar which in the end= obesity.

The ads do such a great job on showing how affordable a new product might be and how good it tastes and even use fake hamburgers/ food in their advertisements to make the food look more appealing ,but in the end all of that doesn’t really matter because all you are really buying is a bag of cheap factory processed fat.

Think about it, you get what you pay for, and their has got to be a reason why their food is so cheaply priced, but they never show this in their big billboard advertisements or television commercials do they? or even bother to actually put up the health label publicly on their products advertisements I mean will anyone really want to eat a 4oo calorie burger meal?

In the end the fact that huge fast food franchises like McDonald’s can get away with this is in one word: scary.

~Peace and love GingerLily♥

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