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April 2, 2010

Funny, Silly, Cute

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The fact that when news coverage first started all the news was so hardcore, celebrity scandals, and cute funny kiddy videos were never really considered actual news the only things that were shown were what the media people believed was actually worth considering real news such as politics, murders, felons, accidents, etc.. But now in days, such cute little silly news that many people back then would never even imagine to show in the news therefore never dare to ever consider it news like this video ☝ is the kind of news that sells and gets attention the best in modern times.

After discussing much on this topic in my past Communications 1 class I have been paying constant attention to the whole phenomena.  As I was checking my e-mail today I noticed the news headlines and found this video on the top of the list. Though I believe the video is super cute and funny and don’t really mind if it’s considered real news or not ( its entertaining 🙂 ), I’m afraid that many people are upset with the fact that stories like this are considered real news since apart from being posted in yahoo I discovered it was also featured as morning news on the Today Show.

Though we all must admit that the video is definitely cute and filled with cute innocence that is really entertaining, we must again ask ourselves should celebrity scandals and stories like this really be considered real news???

~Peace and love GingerLily♥


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