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April 10, 2010

.Just don’t get it.

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After watching many funny shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and According to Jim, and many many more, I have noticed a sudden trend in all of them. It appears to me that in most of this shows there is something very odd.

The reason why I believe this is because a) all the husbands ( main males ) in these shows are lazy, fat, and not very attractive and b) all the wives ( main females) in these shows are skinny, pretty, and smart. So why do I believe their might be something unfair about this? well its fairly simple really because in my point of view  its wrong to make the men in this shows so fat, lazy and unattractive and make the wives very skinny beautiful in smart because televisions shows make a huge impact in our lives and portraying life scenarios and images like this is wrong because then this ideas might start to make many men in real life believe that being a fat lazy and unattractive husband is ok and that their wives must be skinny smart and beautiful.

This shows have a more negative impact on women to. Think about it not all women are skinny, beautiful, and smart and most women that are do not end up marrying a fat man, which in the end really makes it acceptable = for a man to be fat lazy and unattractive but not right for a woman to even dare be fat lazy unattractive and may God forbid all of this at the same time, because NOO, all of us must be beautiful skinny and smart and to make matters worst still end up with a fat unattractive un-witty  man which in my mind makes me believe that most of these shows are written by men to portray what many men will agree is the right way to live.

In my idea this whole perspective is  wrong because I’m not going to lie all women want to be beautiful smart and skinny all the time but sometimes this can really cause a huge problem because none of us are perfect so this shows end up putting a lot of  pressure against women when they portray the image of a good wife the way they do many times in TV.

~Peace and love GingerLily♥


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