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April 29, 2010

Where people go to shop for Love…..

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After checking my e-mail a couple of minutes ago I discovered a very interesting article on yahoo. The article is about an ancient pharmacy from the Soviet state of Estonia a small capital on the Baltic Sea, that sells love potions!!! 😀 The whole idea sounded pretty exciting and whimsical so I checked it out turns the pharmacy has been selling the so called love potions for over 500 years and it is believed to be one of Europe’s oldest running pharmacies. The lucky journalists shared her story about her visit :

My guide, local historian Juri Kuuskemaa, told me the place opened in 1422 and may well be Europe’s longest continuously operating pharmacy. Legend has it that in the 18th century, a former owner, Dr. Johann Burchart V, nearly saved a Russian czar.

“When Peter the Great, Russian emperor, was dying and nobody could help him, he called Johann V,” Kuuskemaa said.

the journalists continues by stating:

“You can go to pharmacy and buy special materials, so-called aphrodisiacom, and when you give to her or her, it is fate. Both could do nothing against it. And lady would love you to the end of their lives,” Kuuskemaa explained.

But that’s not all. “When you have two or three wives, for example, and you see one is happy but two are unhappy, you can buy here special materials to give to these two unhappies and they forget you, and they could find happiness with another man, not with you,” Kuuskemaa said. “So it stops the love. It is an anti-aphrodisiacom, yeah. So love could be regulated with drugs.”

On display inside, readily available, was the pharmacy’s famous anti-aphrodisiac. Each individually wrapped piece of candy is packed with the secret ingredient: almond powder. People struck by love use it to cure themselves.

Weird to say the article also illustrates how Hillary Clinton visited after she was stuck in the country due to the volcanic ash. The whole pharmacy sounds awesome and visiting it is definitely on my Places to Visit Before You Die List :).

~Peace and love GingerLily♥


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