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May 6, 2010

Sex In The City 2 :)

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Yes! Yes! Yes!!! 😀 Sex in the City 2 is almost here and I’m pretty sure I speak for the whole female population when i state , and quote, “It’s going to be awesome !!” It’s truly a great show and the first movie was great to so I’ve greatly anticipated the sequel which will be out and released May 27 , just a feel weeks away.

As for the advertising I believe its all flawless and hot. It is very appealing and eye grabbing which is one of the reasons why I believe a lot of chicks are going to cash in on the opening weekend. Yesterday in class was quite a different story though, we focused on how extremely photoshopped all the actresses had been in order to help make this ad look flawless. Turns out most of the ladies their age do not look like them which seem to appear extremely young and thin in the poster.

PS: im  watching the trailer right now and its so fab :),-

Back to the point a few plastic surgery and a bit of photoshopping can always do the job, though its something that I don’t really mind like many other people might because of the fact that I know that this is all just a part of the advertising and media world to look great and flawless no matter what and that all that of course is nothing but an extremely fashionable and edgy fantasy land 🙂

~Peace and love GingerLily♥


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