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March 12, 2010

Oscar Red Carpet Night Light

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The Oscars where amazing this year and one thing that truly always stands out to me are the beautiful dresses on the red carpet. Don’t get me wrong the rest of the show is great to but I believe that most of us will agree that looking forward to see who is going to be best and worst dressed is one of the main reasons why many people tune in to experience the show. But after recently watching the news, surfing the net, and checking the newspaper I’ve noticed that this topic in particular has been offered as the head news article overshadowing what many people will agree on is real news.

Though I very much enjoy reading and looking at the fashion on the red carpet  I believe that that their is really no reason why – besides the fact that it sells and makes money – this category in particular has to be offered as one of the main news stories in almost every news source since their are much more important stories and events going on in the world now. Then again this is the type of stories and celebrity events that sell which should be one reason why many important hard news sources are willing to make this one of their main news articles. The fact that this kind of stories are much more relevant and enjoyable to read and enjoy when compared to stories of vicious criminals and new congress bills, is one of the main reasons why people enjoy to read them so much therefore causing it to be one of the main topics in almost every major news source.

~Peace and love GingerLily♥


March 4, 2010

Mags+Adsx100= :(

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Like many other people I love magazines :). The whole experience from looking at a set of cool looking fashion pictures to reading the latest in fashion to reading an article on your favorite actress/ actor, or even checking your horoscope is very delightful -but the fact that a huge percent of magazines are jam-packed with ads+ads+ads…. Mark my words: ruins the entire experience!!!

After just recently looking through several magazines ( main one People), I was stumbled and upset at the fact that it appeared as as if the whole magazine was just literally composed of advertisements and after looking through the mag a second time turns out – it is. Over 50% or more of the magazine is nothing but a bunch of random ads, that I understand are set their in order to target the magazines specific audience and sponsor the magazines cost, but the fact that over 50% of the magazine is just ads is ridiculous.

Looking through it I was not able to fully enjoy the experience one should feel when looking through a magazine because of the fact that every time a turned a page in order to read another interesting article I found myself once again staring blankly upon yet another – you guessed it – ad.

Therefore, I believe Magazines should definitely consider cutting down on those annoying ads and find newer more interesting ways of filling up all their blank space while helping them gain money at the same time so that the need for even more unnecessary ads would not be necessary in the future.

Until then I’m afraid that every time I open up another magazine I will have to suffer through yet again another army load of ads.

Until then my friends- brace yourselves.

~Peace and love GingerLily♥

February 25, 2010

‘Only Girl’ Story: Italian Vogue

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Recently, Italian Vogue has added some new sections to their website: Vogue Black and Vogue Curvy.

Vogue Black is dedicated to women of color. The sight features Tyra Banks and offers different sections like beauty tips, a blog, new faces and a celebrity look of the day.

Vogue Curvy is dedicated to the women with curvy figures. The site features plus size models, fashion and beauty tips as well as how to dress your body.

I believe that the fact that Italian Vogue is featuring these two new sites is a very positive strategy that will help further prosper women of color and curvy women in the fashion world. The fact that many inequalities occur towards women of color and curvy women in the fashion industry now is such a shame since they are many beautiful women of color and curvy women in the world. Even though the fashion world has not yet learned to accept them all without out separating the two, I consider it nice that Italian Vogue has decided to launch these two new sites since it is known for not being culturally diverse when it comes to featuring models of color and curvy women in its magazine. All women, short, tall, curvy, thin, or colored deserve the right to consider themselves beautiful and I believe that these two new sites will help many women that do not believe so- do so.

~Peace and love GingerLily♥

February 20, 2010

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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